8 Things Important To Look For When Buying Dental Insurance - Ratinah

Buying Dental Insurance - When it comes to taking care of your teeth, purchasing the proper dental insurance is essential. Dental insurance really comes in handy for those who cannot deal with the increasing costs of seeing a dentist. 

8 Things Important To Look For When Buying Dental Insurance - Ratinah

The decision to select dental insurance that is right for individuals or families (depending on the situation) becomes an important task to conclude. 

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a type of insurance product that provides coverage for dental care costs, which generally include basic or basic, complex, to the installation of dentures. Some dental insurances also provide coverage for the treatment of missing teeth, cavities, or implants.

By having the best dental insurance, customers will be helped to manage or overcome the costs of dental health care so that they are still able to maintain their health without being overwhelmed by paying the costs.

Generally, dental insurance is obtained as a rider or additional benefits from health insurance products. This means that you must first apply for health insurance in order to get protection from this product. However, some insurance companies may still offer dental insurance as a stand-alone product.

Why is Dental Insurance Protection Needed?

Protection is very important to obtain because no one knows when dental health problems will strike. With expensive care and treatment costs, especially when it comes to surgery, the protection of this insurance product should be prepared.

Not only so that finances are more secure and they are not overwhelmed by paying off treatment costs, dental insurance can also guarantee its customers to get the best facilities and treatment processes. This includes guarantees that you will get regular check-ups or cleanings on your teeth that can prevent more serious and dangerous dental health problems from occurring.

Dental Insurance Product Category

The best dental insurance products in Indonesia are usually divided into 2 categories, namely:

1. Health Insurance + Dental

The first category is health insurance with additional dental insurance protection. In this category, dental insurance is an additional benefit or a suitable rider to choose when you already have protection from health insurance. That way, you don't have to bother looking for a new insurance product because it can be a package with health insurance.

2. Stand Alone Dental Insurance

In this category, independent or stand-alone dental insurance products are policies that do not require customers to first have health insurance or other main insurance. This category is suitable for those of you who already have health insurance protection, but have not yet covered the cost of dental care or want to get a bigger ceiling on dental health coverage.

Whether you are buying dental insurance through your place of business or looking for independent options, it is vital to analyze a variety of plans to ensure you are getting the best deal. Many different factors listed below may come into play when making a final selection. 

1. Affordability

When selecting dental insurance, it is important to compare yearly maximum coverage on a regular basis. The amount in benefits that a plan will pay in one full year is one of the most important aspects to choosing the best dental insurance plan. Yearly maximums also renew on an automatic basis every year. It is also important to know that anything not used within a year will not roll over into the next. Many dental insurance companies only allow an average yearly max of $1000.  

2. Dentists

In the case of independent dental insurance, most plans will only cover your dental services if they are administered from a dentist that is contracted or participating in their network. It is important to find out if you are required to receive your dental work from a participating dentist. Some plans may allow individuals to stay with their current dentists, but checking the policy for these allowances is essential. 

3. Major Coverage 

Dental insurance companies separate their dental procedures into three different categories. When comparing plans, you should ask about their policies regarding preventative, major, and restorative work. Varying dental companies will view different dental procedures in many different ways. For example, one dentist may consider root canals and crowns a major procedure while another will not. This is important to know before choosing a dental insurance plan

4. Waiting Periods

The length of time that an insurance company will make you wait before you can enjoy coverage is called the waiting period. For example, some plans hold policies that make you wait 12 months or longer before you are covered for a crown. 

5. Cosmetic Dentistry 

If you are interested in seeing your dentist for any cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening or bleaching, you should know dental insurance companies rarely cover cosmetic dentistry. For the few that do, prepare for high rates.

6. Check the ceiling and premiums

To be able to get protection from dental insurance, the average premium that needs to be paid is 80 thousand to 300 thousand Rupiah per month. Before choosing which product to choose, it is appropriate to first calculate the nominal premium, whether it is in accordance with the provision of the ceiling or not. Often times, insurance with low premiums is a trap because it requires customers to add a certain amount of fees due to having a small ceiling.

7. Find out the Claim Protection Method Options

Equally important, finding out the options or options for the claim method on dental insurance is also important to do. Generally, there are 2 methods of claiming dental insurance, namely reimbursement and cashless.

Between the two, the cashless type of claim method is more often chosen because you only need to show a participant card so you can get treatment or dental care at the insurance company partner hospital. In contrast to the reimbursement method, which requires the customer to cover the cost of treatment first, then apply for compensation to the insurance company.

Because it puts a financial burden, the reimbursement claim model is rarely chosen. Not to mention the need to take care of the administrative process which often takes a lot of time. However, the plus point is that this type of reimbursement claim can be made at a hospital that is not a partner or partner of an insurance company and has a nominal premium that is more affordable.

8. Make sure you have a Renewal Guarantee Policy

Many do not know, this renewal guarantee policy is a commitment from insurance companies in extending their customers' policies, regardless of the conditions of the parties concerned. In other words, the existence of this policy is able to provide peace to the policy owner because the protection against dental health costs is still borne by the company even though the deadline or the period of the protection contract is approaching.

That's 8 Things Important To Look For When Buying Dental Insurance - Ratinah


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