8 Ways To Choose The Best Travel Insurance For Your Holiday - Ratinah

Best Travel Insurance - Travel insurance is one of those areas that mean nothing to you until you decide to hit the road – or the air – then suddenly every ad is for travel insurance and everywhere you look another company is touting for your business. 

8 Ways To Choose The Best Travel Insurance For Your Holiday - Ratinah

So how do you choose the best insurance company and the best travel insurance for your unique travelling needs?

1. The cost of the policy could be more than what you pay

When reviewing the policy options never start with the price first. As with most things in life you get what you pay for and while you want to be sure to get the best value for your money, this does not necessarily mean the cheapest price. Comprehensive cover that delivers and supports in time of need is what you should be looking for.

2. What back up do you receive in an emergency?

Are you being sent on your world tour with a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday contact number or are you provided with fully comprehensive numbers providing 24/7 contact and support, reverse charge options and 0800 numbers.

3. What is included as standard in your policy

Some companies come in with a low rate and then charge extra for every doorknob eventually leading to over inflated cover. Go through the company’s policy offerings to be sure exactly what you are covered for. The range should be extensive as the company should know and have addressed a range of pitfalls you may not have thought of.

4. Who underwrites and supports the company

Establish who your support company will be should you face a medical emergency or the need for evacuation. Most companies do not handle these highly specialised areas themselves but have aligned themselves with skilled and experienced worldwide organisations to ensure the best possible protection and support for their customers.

5. Does the company cater for varying needs?

Does the company provide a one size fits all policy? Beware, you may be paying for cover you don’t need or be under insured in some critical areas. Look for a company which provides a range of covers including NZ only travel policies, backpacker, group or duo options, long stay, one way or gap insurance and more.

6. Protection Provided

If you want to get the best travel insurance, the first tip is to look at the coverage it will provide. You have to look at it in detail and examine what I will be covered by this insurance. Do not buy insurance whose benefits are the same as the insurance you already have. For example, if you already have life and health insurance, then you can simply take out travel insurance that covers loss or damage to baggage as well as travel delays or cancellations.

7. Protection Period

The second tip when getting the best travel insurance is to look at the terms of the protection period. Make sure to choose or buy travel insurance that covers the risk according to the travel time stated on your return and departure ticket.

8. Insurance Providers That Provide

The third tip is to look at the name of the insurance provider that provides travel insurance, whether the provider has a good reputation or not. Why should I look at the provider too? This is because the products offered sometimes do not come from quality insurance providers. Do not be tempted by products with pocket-friendly premiums, but when something happens it is very difficult to claim the insurance because the provider is not qualified. Remember, the reputation of the insurance provider is the main thing in getting the best travel insurance. To find out the reputation of an insurance provider, you can look at its performance in serving its customers and testimonials from customers on the internet.

That's 8 Ways To Choose The Best Travel Insurance For Your Holiday - Ratinah


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