A Quick Introduction To UK Loan Protection Insurance - Ratinah

UK loan protection insurance -  has been around for years but has never been as popular as it is today. This could be for many reasons, but only one really matters. A higher percentage of individuals are in debt today than the figure associated with the past. 

A Quick Introduction To UK Loan Protection Insurance - Ratinah

The consumer culture we all live in encourages individuals to shop, and the availability of credit only contributes to that. These two features of society combined have led to a massive increase in the demand for UK loan protection insurance.

While the existence of UK loan protection insurance is great for consumers in many ways, the urgent need for it is not. People should choose to have UK loan protection insurance because they want peace of mind, and not because they are so afraid that they will find themselves in severe financial trouble if their source of income is cut off.

UK loan protection insurance covers an individual's loan repayments if he or she falls ill or has an accident and is unable to work, or if he or she loses a job which would have allowed them to pay off the debt in the first place. It is also designed to pay for up to twelve to twenty-four months, after the initial qualification period ends. This is absolutely necessary for individuals who are in debt, especially those who are already struggling to pay off debt while in a full time job!

The premiums associated with UK loan protection insurance vary, depending on the rate of the loan, the interest rate on the product you take out and personal circumstances. Some financial institutions ask for a monthly premium, others yearly, and then some add the total UK loan protection insurance cot for the loan itself. These are all factors and elements that you should consider before taking out insurance. If that sounds a bit confusing, wait until you've read the terms and conditions – make sure you fully understand them before signing on the dotted line.

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