A Word About Child Health Insurance and Child Education Insurance

Child Health Insurance - We love our children. From the moment we realize that they are entering this world, we start making plans for them. We want the best for them, from their homes and communities to schools and activities. We strive to raise them in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment in the hope that they will grow up to be and remain safe, healthy, nurturing adults throughout their lives.

A Word About Child Health Insurance and Child Education Insurance

Child health insurance must be included in our plans for our children. Children continue to grow and explore. They are active little people who spend a lot of time running, rolling, exercising, and inventing their own potentially dangerous little game. Plus, a classroom full of kids is the perfect breeding ground during cold and flu season. If your daughter's best friend catches the flu, you can bet that your daughter will also have a cold in a few days. Inevitably our children will be sick, injured, need medicine or x-rays every now and then or even more often!

The health and safety of our children is our most important goal. Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves in situations when our jobs don't offer health insurance. It's easier to say "not now" when it comes to treating medical problems, but it's not easy to say "not now" when they have a dangerously high fever and ask us to help them feel better.

If you don't have health insurance covered by your workplace, or you're covered by health insurance you purchased yourself, you should stop and think about your child's health insurance. If you are not covered, or cannot afford health insurance for yourself or your child, there are agents out there to help you. You can find affordable, and sometimes even free, child health insurance that will cover dental, vision, and health costs for your child.

We all agree that being a parent is full of responsibilities. One of them is the responsibility to provide educational certainty for children. This can be achieved by providing Child Education Insurance.

As a form of anticipating the increase in the cost of education, many parents are starting to consider obtaining Education Insurance in an effort to provide a planned and more beautiful future for their children, regardless of how big their financial level is. This is the basic reason why they are so excited to get the insurance product. The main principle is that they hand over funds to third parties, namely insurance companies. This party is in charge of securing these funds, then giving them to children when they reach a certain age or class.

Three Advantages of Education Insurance

Here are at least three reasons why you need Education insurance for children.

1. Ensure More Allocated Education Funds

At this point, you may be asking: What is the difference between setting up a child's education fund and education insurance by saving conventional money in a bank? Why should they choose this particular product?

The first thing you need to remember about insurance is that it is different from saving money in a bank. When taking education insurance, the insurance company will be responsible for managing your child's education fund, if something happens to you. This is different if you only save for your child's education in a bank whose funds are only in accordance with the amount you have saved so far.

2. Avoiding the Economic Roller Coaster

Another reason why it is important to keep your money in the hands of professional insurance is that the economic system in every country, including America, fluctuates from time to time. This is what makes the risk of a decline in the value of the currency caused by inflation.

Moreover, the increase in the cost of education in America is quite high. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), inflation arising from the education sector in Indonesia reached 3.81% as of February 2020. In fact, the average increase in school and university entrance fees in the country ranges from 10%-15% per year.

Imagine if your child in 2020 is 7 years old, where the cost of entering private universities at that time reached Rp. 15 million per year. Just calculate how much it will cost if your child turns 18 or 11 years from now?

Therefore, it will be different of course when you start buying education insurance products. Not only will your money be safe from inflation, it will also be available for the future of your children.

3. Can't be withdrawn directly

This is also the difference between ordinary savings and education insurance, which is about the withdrawal period that cannot be done before reaching the agreed time contract. This way, it's like having a safer vault, even if the owner doesn't have the key to open it.

From the explanation of the advantages and benefits of education insurance that have been described, do you still have doubts about having education insurance for your child? By preparing children's education funds from an early age, you can guarantee the certainty of education for your children in the future.

That's A Word About Child Health Insurance and Child Education Insurance


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