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Training For American Pitbull Dog Easy Successfully - Pitbull dog are amazing and very energetic dogs and can definitely become a handful if not trained properly. The American pitbull dog is incredibly loyal and when a relationship is formed, it lasts forever. 

Fact And Tips Training For American Pitbull Dog Easy Successfully - Ratinah

If you're a new pitbull dog owner, you really need to understand how demanding these dogs can be and realize that they need a lot of attention and training to recognize their full potential as pets.

Due to their high intelligence, pitbull dog can have a stubborn nature inside of them, but don't let this scare you when it comes to obedience training time. You as the owner must remember that there will be times when you ask him to do something and he will not comply, even though he knows what you expect from him. Remember to be patient in these times and don't get frustrated. The earlier you train your pitbull dog, the better. At 8 weeks of age, you can begin basic training and socializing your pitbull puppy. Remember, make sure to keep the training activity fun and use positive reinforcement to encourage the desired behavior.

Socialization is one of the main focus areas for pitbull dog training. Pitbull dogs can be very friendly and loving animals, but they can be aggressive if not properly socialized. The best way to socialize your puppy is to enroll in a training class. Training classes allow your pitbull dog to be trained side by side with other dogs.

When your pitbull dog reaches 13-16 weeks of age, you can begin a more serious training routine. During this age, your pitbull dog will likely test his limits with you and explore areas of dominance. He might bite and try to take on the role of the alpha dog. It is important to be strong during this time and maintain a dominant role in the relationship.

The pitbull dog is a really fun family dog ​​that, when properly trained, makes a great pet for anyone. They are excellent dogs who like to be around their "people". Be sure to train your pitbull dog as early as possible and remember to be consistent.

How to Train a Pitbull Dog Easy Successfully

Well, now you know that pit bulls are loving and loyal dogs if trained properly. Therefore, you must know how to train it. Understand how to train a pitbull dog below:

1. Introduce Family Members and Other Animals

If you have a lot of other family members or pets, you should slowly introduce them as members of the family. You need to be careful when practicing how to train this pitbull dog.

Make sure you provide an understanding that other creatures around are not a threat.

2. Don't hit and yell at him

Even if your dog becomes aggressive or doesn't follow commands, that doesn't mean you have to be rude to him. You just need to give orders firmly but avoid hitting because this will make you look like a threat to him.

3. Give Commands and Practice Frequently

To practice it, try telling him to “sit”, “go” and “back off”. Be sure to avoid using the word "no". Also, use specific words to train them.

Pitbulls are intelligent dogs and get bored easily. Therefore, you must train him often so that he does not become aggressive.

4. Frequently Invited Outside the House

The last way to train a pitbull is to take him outside. By taking him outside, the pitbull will know his environment and introduce him that the environment is not a threat that he should attack. Besides, this activity will prevent him from getting bored

Pitbull Dog Facts

It turns out that, just like any other dog, pit bulls can be very close to humans and very affectionate. However, some pit bulls are deliberately trained to be "savage" by their owners.

Therefore, most pit bulls will follow animal instincts. Well, let's look at other facts below:

1. Originally from Great Britain

This dog comes from Great Britain. Pitbull dogs come from the ancestors of the Olde English Bulldog which was bred for sport in the 19th century in England.

After the sport was banned, the dog was crossed with a smaller terrier breed and the pitbull was born.

2. United States Hero Icon

Pitbull as an icon of this hero comes from the time of World War I. At that time, pitbull dogs helped the United States troops against their enemies.

They are made heroes because they have courage and loyalty without limits that are proven on the battlefield. Since then, the pit bull has become a national icon of the United States.

3. Easy to Train

The Pitbull is a very persistent sporting dog. Due to their tenacity, these dogs will go to great lengths to do what they put their mind to. This makes them easy to train.

The pitbull dog's expertise is very skilled in matters of speed and catching the ball in the air. Because of this nature, they are used as therapy dogs in the United States and Europe.

4. Very Active

Pitbull is a very active dog and very eager to do anything. They have high energy and love for what they do.

When he is on a wide field, he will love to roll on the grass and invite anyone around him to play.

5. Spoiled and Loves Humans

When pit bulls feel comfortable with someone, they will act spoiled like asking to be hugged, petted, sleep together, even sleep on your lap all day. Behind the often accepted label of fierce dogs, they are actually very warm and spoiled dogs.

6. Children's Guard Dogs

Because of their warm and loyal nature to humans, pit bulls are trusted to look after children when parents are not able to supervise directly. The task of looking after children is still given to pit bulls to this day.

7. Less Tolerant to Other Dogs

Behind the spoiled and loving nature of humans, it turns out that they have little tolerance for other types of dogs. However, that does not mean pit bulls are very aggressive towards other animals.

They're just not used to socializing, so if you have them, make sure you teach them to be kind to dogs and other animals.

8. Often Attack Humans?

Pitbull dogs are often associated and are reported to have attacked humans with their bites. However, this is actually not true.

The number of reports is due to many parties mistakenly identifying the biting dog as a pitbull. In addition, the number of bites is also not all reported, so the data can be said to be inaccurate.

That's Fact And Tips Training For American Pitbull Dog Easy Successfully


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