What is Employment Insurance and its Benefits for Employees

Employment Insurance - It is often said that bad things can happen to you even without your cooperation. It can also be said about work and career. Lack of available jobs, mass layoffs and cutbacks, reorganizations and mergers, in today's fast pace anything can happen. 

What is Employment Insurance and its Benefits for Employees

When it comes, the experience can be devastating for many people, made worse when savings are insufficient, debt is high and payments are in arrears.

Being prepared is always the best way to cushion the effects of lost income. Having an insurance job allows you to continue to enjoy income benefits. Employment insurance can help you receive maternity services, compassionate sick care, provide support for sick family members, care for babies, even fishing benefits, and more.

To apply for work insurance all you have to do is submit an online application. Employment insurance is paid even when the applicant will receive money when unemployed.

When applying for employment insurance, you will be asked for an "Employment Record" which you must obtain from your last employer or proof of employment such as payslips, payslips and certifications.

Other documents you will need when applying for Insurance Jobs include:

Social insurance number. If your SIN number starts with the number 9, it means you are an immigrant and must also provide your immigration status and work permit. You must provide employment records covering the last 52 weeks. When claiming health and sickness benefits, a health certificate must be completed. When applying in person, have your driver's license, passport or birth certificate ready. Also provide complete bank information.

A canceled check or check from your current personal account will be required, as payment will be made directly to the account. When applying for parental benefits, the other parent's Social Insurance number will be requested.

If you are applying for compassionate care benefits, a medical certificate must be provided. You should also provide your version of the facts surrounding the cause of your unemployment. Together with this is a statement of the total salary before deduction, including commissions and other income benefits, the total amount you will receive including severance pay, vacation pay, pension etc.

Do not delay when applying for employment insurance, delaying the application by more than four weeks may result in a penalty or loss of benefits.

If you receive financial assistance from social services while waiting to get an employment insurance claim, you will need to reimburse the amount of your employment insurance benefit.

If you are unwell and unable to apply for your employment insurance, an appointment representative may be assigned to apply on your behalf,

After you apply for employment insurance, you will receive a statement of benefits including the access code and the date of your first report. Having an access code does not mean that your claim has been adjudicated. Together with these will be instructions on how to complete your report.

If you have submitted your report with all the required information met, you will start receiving your employment insurance benefits 28 days after filing.

What is Employment Insurance and its Benefits for Employees

Workers are entitled to social security for workers to protect them from various occupational risks. That is why formal workers are provided with labor insurance facilities.

So what exactly is labor insurance? Employment insurance is protection provided by the company to workers or employees. Even today, labor or employee insurance is not only provided for formal workers, but also for non-formal workers such as part-time workers.

In its development, non-formal workers who partner with companies can also enjoy labor insurance contributions at affordable premiums. For example, labor insurance is also given to online motorcycle taxi drivers and online taxis. Even the special insurance plans for informal workers also touch other professions such as traders, breeders, and fishermen.

Labor Insurance Benefits

This insurance for workers provides enough benefits and protection against the risk of loss to several other guarantees that provide benefits for policyholder workers.

The amount of the premium has actually been regulated in accordance with the provisions of the law, with the amount of 2 percent of the workers' monthly income. The shortfall is covered by the company so that workers can get quite a lot of benefits from the insurance.

  • The first benefit, workers get protection against all accidents that occur while in the work area. This protection is also included in the event of an accident on the way to the office or home from work.
  • The second benefit is that workers can get a pension after leaving the company following the applicable regulations. This pension fund can actually be taken in two ways, namely when the employee leaves or resigns from the company in question according to certain conditions or has entered retirement age. Retirement age can also be adjusted according to each company's policy.
  • The third benefit, insured workers will get compensation in the event of death. Basically, if the death is natural or caused by an accident, you will still get compensation, except if the death is included in the exception, for example because of violating traffic regulations, speeding, and so on.

So, basically workers will get several benefits at once from labor insurance such as:

  • Accident insurance. This work accident insurance is given when the participant has an accident while working either inside the work environment or outside the workforce, such as when he or she has an accident while going to the office.
  • Life insurance. This death benefit is given to the heirs if the worker dies not due to a work accident.
  • Pension plan. Workers get benefits in the form of cash when they enter retirement, die, or experience a disability so that they cannot earn a living again.

That is the meaning of labor insurance and its benefits for employees. Make sure you have it, because it is already listed in the labor law.

That's What is Employment Insurance and its Benefits for Employees 


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