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Health Insurance In Missouri - No matter where you live in Missouri, if you don't have a job that offers a health benefits package, or if you don't work at all, you're likely to have a hard time finding affordable health insurance in Missouri.

Affordable Health Insurance In Missouri - Ratinah

Affordable Health Insurance In Missouri - Ratinah

The exceptions, of course, are individuals who are married and have a spouse with an excellent health benefits package, or individuals who are wealthy enough to purchase individual health insurance policies.

Some Missouri residents have difficulty obtaining affordable health insurance in Missouri for a variety of other reasons. Some people find their health insurance policies canceled accidentally, while others are charged more than 300% of standard health care premiums. These residents may also need help getting affordable health insurance in Missouri.

Missouri offers special programs for Missouri residents who are in this situation. This program is called the Missouri Health Insurance Pool (MHIP), and is governed by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield programs in Missouri and Kansas City.

MHIP is not an insurance company; This is an insurance program for Missouri residents that offers four types of comprehensive and primary medical health coverage.

You are eligible for MHIP if you do not receive or do not qualify for other health care coverage; have not received maximum $1 million dollar coverage from MHIP; and has never been turned down by another health insurance company for alcohol or drug abuse. For more information, visit the Missouri Department of Insurance Web site.

MHIP works as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and to get the most out of the program, members must remain in the PPO while receiving health care. MHIP offers prescription medication and managed care coverage.

While there are "pre-existing conditions" exceptions, there are ways to get rid of those exceptions. Other types of coverage, as well as costs, depend on which of the four primary and comprehensive types of medical health coverage you apply for.

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